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Towson University's Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education connects the past to the future through more than beautiful, thought-provoking work. We prepare our students for careers in the art world while fostering expression, creativity and innovation. With the tools from Towson, tomorrow's artists and art educators will tell stories of the world and its people in ways that stir the soul.

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By making a gift to the Art Department Fund, you provide fuel for inspiration and education. Scholarships, materials, outreach and professional residencies rely on your generosity to expand our students' experiences, find their greatest talents, deepen their understandings and enrich the community. You also help bring the best professional artists to Towson so that our students learn from masters.

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    Always looking out for the next generation of creatives. #D17P.
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    Congratulations for All of Your Hard Work and for Succeeding in Your Goal!!! Best of Luck... Love, Brian and Jacqueline LeGrand